Quality Dental Care

The Mews Dental Clinic is a purpose built practice fitted with the latest state of the art equipment and technology, enabling us to provide high quality dental care. Only the best dental materials and up to date techniques are utilised, so that we may achieve the very best long lasting results for our patients and avoid the need for frequent replacement .The dental technicians we use are highly skilled and are able to provide personal colour matching for cosmetic treatments.

Successful dental care is not only about making teeth look their best. About one third of the population have some form of gum disease and more teeth are lost through gum disease than tooth decay .Our top priority is to help all our patients to have healthy teeth and gums, and we therefore place a strong emphasis on prevention and patient education. Prevention is always better than cure, with many long term health benefits. Some patients may be more prone to dental decay and gum disease, so regular preventative advice and care is essential.

Our hygienists play a key role in this, helping you to avoid or combat dental disease. By keeping your mouth in tip top condition you are likely to need fewer visits to the dentist for treatment or toothache. Smile with confidence and keep your teeth for life. Hygienists differ greatly in their approach, so it is important to find one that you feel relaxed and comfortable with, and are happy to see on a regular basis.

Dedication To Continued Development

We are dedicated to a programme of continued professional development for our whole team, to constantly update knowledge and develop further skills. Our dentists and hygienists regularly attend dental courses and national conferences. With our ongoing investment in new technology, techniques and skills, we can make the latest treatments available to all of our patients. All our dental nurses are fully trained and registered with the General Dental Council.

We also hold regular practice meetings and training sessions so that the whole team can keep up to date and provide our patients with outstanding customer service and dental care.

Your Safety

Your health and safety are always our top priorities .That is why we take pride in our high standards of cleanliness and sterilisation, adhering to the strict guidelines laid down by the General Dental Council and British Dental Association. All clinical instruments are either single use or have been cleaned and sterilised appropriately using high pressure autoclaves. We have designed the clinic so that we have a central sterilisation room, so enabling us to achieve the highest standards. Protective glasses are worn by all patients and staff during treatments, to prevent spray or foreign bodies damaging the eyes. We constantly review and update our procedures with regular in house and independent clinical audit to ensure we comply with the highest standards. The whole Mews dental team has annual training in cross infection control, resuscitation and safeguarding issues to ensure your health and safety

If you should have any concerns or questions regarding your health and safety,or any other aspect of your dental care, then please ask any of the team. Our cross infection policy is available on request.

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