Nervous Patients

Many people are anxious about a visit to the dentist and this may be due to underlying fears, possibly caused by a previous bad dental experience, often in childhood. We understand that these fears are very real to you and we will take time to listen and talk through your fears with you, in a relaxed and comfortable environment and do what we can to alleviate them. For most patients treating them in a calm, relaxed and understanding manner will enable them to receive treatment without any problems. Nervous patients are encouraged to listen to music or audio books during treatment, which can be very helpful as a distraction technique. We also devise hand signals so that you can tell us if you need a break during treatment.

When you ring to make an appointment, do let our friendly and knowledgeable reception team know if you are nervous about your visit, as this will allow us to help you as much as possible and answer any questions that you may have..

If you were to require the surgical extraction of a tooth , we may suggest that you would find this procedure more comfortable with dental sedation. Intravenous sedation is a very safe technique that uses the drug Midazolam. You will be conscious, but very drowsy and largely unaware of any treatment that is performed and will experience no discomfort. The effects of sedation take time to wear off and you will be unable to drive or use machinery during this time and so will need a friend or family member to attend the clinic with you. We do not carry out sedation at the Mews dental clinic, but are able to refer you to a clinic where a specialist team will look after you.

Avoiding treatment can have unpleasant results and outcomes and may lead to more extensive treatment becoming necessary. If you think that we can help you; please call 01483 414128 to make an appointment so that we can make your dental visits a positive experience and you can smile with confidence.

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